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Freedman and other comics

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I fly to Puerto Rico tomorrow for some much needed rest and relaxation, but I didn’t want to leave the site bare. So, have a look at this page from an unfinished comic I started two years ago. The story wasn’t really coming together, but I’m proud of the landscapes I was drawing in this comic. Maybe I’ll come back to this... someday...


MoCCA 2010

Another MoCCA fest is complete, and I’m still in one piece. The convention a little slower than last year, but that’s probably for the best. MoCCA last year was too overwhelming (and too hot), and no one really bought anything. This year, people were browsing again. It was like they were tentatively feeling out the new building for the first real time... which they didn’t get to do because last year was such a hellish landscape.

Next stop, SPX.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our MoCCA table and might be visiting my site subsequently. I’m going to Puerto Rico next week for some much needed recreation, but regular updates of my webcomic FIGHT should start again sometime in May. In the meantime, feel free to look around the place a bit... it’s a little dusty in here, but hopefully I’ll get around to livening up the place in the next few months. Thanks for stopping by.


FIGHT Chapter 1

Welcome to the launch of my new webcomic, FIGHT. The first chapter is online now (click the image above or here to continue). I’m not sure when Chapter 2 will be online, but I would guess sometime in May. Thanks for reading!


Google Doppelganger

So about a year ago, I think I was telling my friends about googling myself and finding all these other Peter Quaches... and how funny some of them seemed to me. Someone then decided it’d be great if we each did a story about our respective Google Doppelgangers... and thus the idea for this anthology story was born. When I actually sat down to write this story, it suddenly seemed really mean to make a comic just to ridicule all these other people whose sole misfortune in life was to share their name with some stupid cartoonist... so I decided to basically paste my face on top of what I imagined to be their bodies. So hopefully what you’ll get from this comic is that I’m self-absorbed and narcissistic... and have an unusually large head.

The anthology collecting all our doppelganger stories will debut at MoCCA this year under our new collective name—Tapir Tooth comics. If you’re at MoCCA this year, stop by and tell us what you think...

(Click on the image above to read the rest of the story)


A sneak peak

Here are the first two pages from my as-yet-unnamed comic, debuting at MoCCA this year. (I’ll probably be editing this post later with the name when I come up with it... ha!)