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Freedman and other comics

Freedman, free to download


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away from the site for the past few weeks. Things have been a little hectic lately, but they should be calming down soon, and so I hope to return to posting things regularly. I’ve also had some very preliminary ideas for my next comic, but I’ll save that discussion for another blog post. Which will also let me go another week without having to draw something for this blog, ha.

But in the interest of disseminating my comic as far and wide across the internet as possible, I’m now offering a CBR file of Freedman for download for free. You’ll need a program that can read a CBR file, or you can just change the file extension from .cbr to .zip and unzip the files yourself. I’m offering these files under a Creative Commons license, which allows free distribution and derivative works as long as they’re also shared. Donations, however, would be greatly appreciated by both me and my stomach.

Download the Freedman digital comic file

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